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Online POS System

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A Software, Application to manage your Store from anywhere

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Online POS System is the right answer for any small or mid size business that needs to do retail sales. It is a general Point of sale application for retail outlets that has been specifically designed for ease of use, (mostly one click operations).
Just input your stock and use it to process sales, create quotations, track inventory, print receipts, invoices, labels and barcodes.
It is straightforward for your staff and you have a business overview at a glance.
Best POS Software You've ever seen.

Best POS software for Chain store, Retail chain, Restaurant Chain

  • Just need a Destop, Laptop, Ipad, Tablet or a Smart Phone to manage your Store from anywhere
  • Unique sales interface that staff will be able to use easily
  • Print receipts, invoices and barcodes (free barcodes generator)
  • Tax Rates, Discounts and Deliveries
  • Great value with features normally associated with far more expensive software.
  • Suitable for general retail, Take away, Sports and Trade counters.
  • Professional looking invoices, receipts and delivery notes, just enter store details and logo once.
  • Hardware: receipt printers, cash drawers, Bluetooth scanners, and iPad stands available—iPads and desktop computers purchased separately
  • Multi-Language                              

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